Support This Petition To The ICSID Tribunal Arbitrating The Philip Morris-Uruguay BIT Dispute

The tobacco giant Philip Morris is suing Uruguay for having some of the best anti-smoking laws in the world, and there’s a good chance it could win, unless we strengthen the fight in court.

It’s a scary reality that one company, whose product kills, could overturn laws that protect our public health. But if our community’s voices are brought into court by a world class legal team, we could fight back with a force no judge could ignore, showing how this sets an unacceptable precedent for the world.

Let’s tell the court that this doesn’t just affect Uruguay — if Big Tobacco gets their way it opens the door for challenges everywhere — companies already have at least 4 other countries in their crosshairs, and many more have anti-smoking laws at risk.

We have to move fast — the court is already hearing arguments. Sign to protect our public health and our democracies from corporate greed — each of our names will be submitted to the court.

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e-petition – War Graves and War Memorials – Please Sign


War Graves and War Memorials

Responsible department: Department for Education

Whilst travelling around the edges of Great Britain I have seen a great many War Graves and War Memorials, the vast majority are cared for, some more than others some not at all.

I would like schools take on the research and basic maintenance of a War Grave or Graves in their local churchyard or cemetery. On the 11th of November each year it would be nice if they could put a poppy cross on the grave or graves.

I believe this would serve two purposes, educating the children about why we wear a poppy and remember the fallen and it would take some pressure of the Parish Councils that are responsible for some of this work.

Not only would it educate our school children but it may also make those who live on the edge of society think about their actions and the privilege of living in a democracy.

Community Service, Probationers and low risk prisoners could be used to do the major maintenance of War Graves and War Memorials in their area, how much this would involve would vary.

Parents’ fury as cars are banned from Waterlooville school site

Personally I think its a shame that pupil parent vehicles are not banned from the roads outside of this school too.

With three schools alongside each other the number of vehicles clogging up this road twice each day is beyond a joke. On occasions the tailback caused by these vehicles reaches down Frendstaple Road and almost back to the Hulbert road roundabout.

The cars that can’t get into the school sites tend to park all over the show and when turning into St Peter’s Primary School quite often end up staionary with the rear of their vehicle projecting into the road because there are people on the pedestrian way across the entrance.

But parents have started a petition – now with 62 signatures – calling for the ban to be withdrawn.

They say it will lead to parking chaos in surrounding residential streets.

I’ve got news for you folks, it is already chaotic in the area.

They are also concerned as children may have to walk for up to a mile in bad weather.

Oh Dear !! The poor little darlings, is that such a hard thing. Perhaps it’s the parents that are worrying about having to abandon their 4x4s and walking as far as a mile.

Back when I was in primary school we regularly walked a mile or more. It was part of the day and was made interesting by my mum or dad walking with me.

Parents’ fury as cars are banned from Waterlooville school site – Education – Portsmouth News.