e-petition – War Graves and War Memorials – Please Sign


War Graves and War Memorials

Responsible department: Department for Education

Whilst travelling around the edges of Great Britain I have seen a great many War Graves and War Memorials, the vast majority are cared for, some more than others some not at all.

I would like schools take on the research and basic maintenance of a War Grave or Graves in their local churchyard or cemetery. On the 11th of November each year it would be nice if they could put a poppy cross on the grave or graves.

I believe this would serve two purposes, educating the children about why we wear a poppy and remember the fallen and it would take some pressure of the Parish Councils that are responsible for some of this work.

Not only would it educate our school children but it may also make those who live on the edge of society think about their actions and the privilege of living in a democracy.

Community Service, Probationers and low risk prisoners could be used to do the major maintenance of War Graves and War Memorials in their area, how much this would involve would vary.

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