Crookhorn Post Office

Fuming !!!

Have just been to Crookhorn Post Office to post a parcel.

Stood in the queue for only a minute, was two from the counter. The cashier completed serving the lady at the counter and announced that she was going to have to stop serving as there was a task she had to complete by 12:00.

The time, on the Post Office clock was 11:55

The lady in front of me explained that she only had two parcels. This cut no ice with the cashier who just confirmed that she couldn’t take the parcels. I received the same response when I challenged her.

The lady with the two small parcels left, muttering “Unbelievable”, as did I with my single parcel. I was muttering something much stronger.

I took myself off to Waterlooville Post Office where, I had been informed, they were open until 12:30.

I paid the £0.70 for parking and arrived at the doors of the post office to be confronted with a queue snaking its way to 3 cashiers. I joined the queue and waited a few minutes with no movement. I heard someone announce that the post office would close in 20 minutes. I estimated it would take at least 40 minutes, based on the number of folks in the queue, for me to get to the counter. Assuming that each cashier would take a minimum of two minutes per customer. Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared to wait another twenty minutes and then be told they were closing, so I took myself home

Apparently the Crookhorn Post Office is open until 12:30 ????

The following screenshot is taken from this web page The situation is worse when you look at the Post Offices own website which claims the post office is open until 22:00.


In my opinion, if the Post Office publishes opening hours through to 12:00 then they should continue to offer that service right to the wire. If there is a reason why they cannot honour the published hours then please amend the opening times accordingly.

Come on Post Office – Get your act together.



Royal Mail driver is caught parking in disabled spot in Crookhorn

Well it’s the Royal Mail that are caught and getting the public flogging but the problem is much deeper.

Since our local Tesco Express was burnt down my wife and I tend to use these shops on a regular basis and I have often observed the “couldn’t care less” attitude of so many drivers. It’s not just the Royal Mail drivers but “white van man”, “joe public” and also the “yoof of today” that quite unashamedly park in the disabled parking bays or just in the designated turning spaces. They will use the disable spaces even when there are other spaces available just to save themselves a few extra feet of walking. Never a thought for the disabled users.

Of course the problem has been exacerbated by the demise of the Tesco Express which has caused a lot more people to be using the Purbrook Chase Precinct and as we have recently heard, that situation will be ongoing for at least another 18 months.

I’d say that the mail mans actions are just a reflection of society today.

Royal Mail driver is caught parking in disabled spot in Crookhorn – Local Business – Portsmouth News.