Bin Chicken / Tip Turkey

Bin Chicken / Tip Turkey / Dump Duck. These are all local names for the ubiquitous Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca) 

Apparently the Bin Chicken is widespread across much of Australia. It has predominantly white plumage with a bare, black head, long down curved bill and black legs.

These birds are the subject of a “Planet Earth” documentary ….

And even their own animated series ….

Although they are seen in the wild, they have become a feature of the suburbs in WA.

The picture at the beginning of this post was taken behind the Divers Tavern, Broome.

One can only begin to imagine what kind of “bin juice” this Bin Chicken has been drinking

The Gold Coast, WA

We are visiting Australia and whilst most of our time will be spent in W.A. we have just returned from a week based on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Gold Coast Skyline
Gold Coast Skyline

After taking the Jetstar “red-eye” flight from Perth we arrived in Brisbane early Sunday morning. We picked up our hire car and drove down to Mermaid Beach where we had breakfast at the Mermaid Beach Surf Life Saving Club. After breakfast we checked into our motel, The Mermaid Beach Motor Inn.

Mermaid Beach Motor Inn
Mermaid Beach Motor Inn

This motel provides basic accommodation and is looking a little tired but the bedding was clean and the rooms had aircon. After a much needed nap and freshen up we strolled along to Broad Beach where we had dinner at Max Seafood Restaurant. The food here was superb  and they served an amazing New Zealand Sole, it was huge.

This area really is geared to holidaying, partying and generally having a good time. We certainly managed to cram a lot in and, at times, it seemed that we were constantly on the move. In the few days we were there we managed to visit Sea World, Movie World, Draculas, The Australian Outback Spectacular and “Crikey” we also made it to  Australia Zoo.

The following are just a few snaps taken over the next five days. Firstly, some snaps taken at Sea World….

Rays - Sea World. They are in a touch pool and moved so gracefully with a ripple of their wings.
Rays – Sea World. They are in a touch pool and moved so gracefully with a ripple of their wings.

Alota Baloney, from the "Fish Detective" show at Sea World
Alota Baloney, from the “Fish Detective” show at Sea World

Fish Detective
The Fish Detectives from the “Fish Detectives” show, Sea World

Hungry Bird

An uplifting experience

All together now !!!

Is there any other way to travel ?

The following are from Warner Brothers Movie World. Unfortunately, my camera decided it didn’t like the heat on this day and stopped functioning so I don’t have any pictures from the spectacular stunt drivers show. So these are just a taster of some of the other attractions  ……

Going Down – The Green Lantern coaster, Gold Coast

A fairly tired western show ….

….. so let’s bring on the dancing girls to liven things up.


A tribute to Marilyn. She actually had a good voice.

It shoulda been me – Notice the empty seat. My belly stopped the safety bar from locking so I was thrown off the ride. Wild West Falls – Gold Coast

Meeters and greeters

Australia Zoo is two hours away from Mermaid Beach but was well the drive. There’s lot’s to do, we were there until closing time and didn’t manage to see everything. Once again here is a taster……

Australian Ibis – Australia Zoo

Lizard – Australia Zoo

Crocodile – Australia Zoo

Fang – Female Crocodile – Australia Zoo

Pretty Flower

Lizard – Australia Zoo. These little fellows were all over the place, on the paths, in the restaurants. I had to check my rucksack to be sure I didn’t take one away.

Koala – Australia Zoo
Hard to find one of these little fellows awake.

Snake & handler – Australia Zoo. They brought these up to the audience on all sides of the arena. Never heard so much foot shuffling till that moment.

Big Bird – Australia Zoo
Making a spectacular entrance to the arena. They did say what it was but, due to memory overload, I have forgotten.

Another Big Bird – Australia Zoo
Again, due to memory overload, I have forgotten what this was.

Lesser Spotted 5 Dollar Bill Bird – Australia Zoo
This cheeky chap has been trained to relieve members of the audience of their 5 dollar bills. If you look closely you can see he has it in his beak.

Crocodile – Australia Zoo
This part of the show was all about demonstrating how these crocs move and how to avoid becoming a menu item. Needless to say the handlers do not take chances.

Crocodile – Australia Zoo
Looking for his next snack. The handlers never turn their backs on this big boy.

Crocodile – Australia Zoo
From a standing start a crocodile can launch nearly his full body length out of the water.

Crocodile – Australia Zoo
Snack time

Wombat – Australia Zoo
He wasn’t very happy, having his picture taken whilst taking a dump.

Kookaburra – Australia Zoo

Emerald Dove – Australia Zoo

Tawney Frogmouth Owls – Australia Zoo

Australian King Parrot – Australia Zoo

Koala – Australia Zoo
Think this one likes jazz as he appears to be playing his “air double bass”

Lizard – Australia Zoo
I was able to place my camera on the floor just a few inches away from this chap. He later came and sat with his foot on my sandal before running across my toes…it tickled.

On the last day we killed some time back at Sea World, before heading back to Brisbane Airport, to see some of the entertainment that we missed on our previous visit. Here are a few photos of some lunatics on seadoos….


This visit concluded a very hectic week on the Gold Coast.

Although we have photo’s which were taken at Draculas and The Great Australian Outback Show they are commercial ones.  If I’m really brave i might post them at a later date.