Sometimes I feel the need to have my say.

Usually I want to have a moan about the stupid stuff that goes on around me. I see or hear stuff on the news or read stuff in the papers but there is no clear way to have my say.

Well, here is where I’m gonna do it.

Don’t expect it to be sharp, smooth or witty although it may be all of the above from time to time.

Political Correctness Gone Mad … Again!!

This makes sense….. NOT !!!

  • 2 teenage delinquents damage a cross and write sexual and rascist comments in prayer books at Blackburn Cathedral.
  • They are sentenced for this criminal act and the JP (chair of the bench) in his summation said ‘normal people would think that you were scum
  • The clerk of the court chastised the JP for use of inappropriate language and encouraged the parent of one of the delinquents to make a formal complaint.

So does common sense prevail …… Nope.

The mother complains, The JP is now unable to chair the bench until this nonsense is resolved.

In my view, the clerk overreacted and certainly overstepped the mark. The JP certainly was reflecting the views of the wider public.

Already a parent of one of the miscreants has supported the views of the JP and I applaud the fact that he has made this view known. So many parents take the view that the own “little johnny” can do no wrong.

We need a few more like this JP. (Full Story)

When Will Common Sense Prevail

Yet another instance of common sense being thrown out the window.

Teacher Lynda May has been pursued through the courts for a matter which should have been dealt with by a local disciplinary review.

What is truly breathtaking is the fact that the CPS felt that such an incident warranted the full weight of the law, the judge also felt there was a case to answer. Only after due process did common sense raise its head and Mrs May was cleared. (Full Story)

It’s no wonder that our judicial system is so bogged down.

Phantasy !!!

It has started again.

The so-called weather experts are once again telling us to get ready for that long hot barbecue summer. Look what happened with last years barbecue summer and I thought the met office had abandoned long-range forecasts. According to the press, not only are they forecasting fine weather but they are daring to predict temperatures up in the high 30’s in August.

Don’t know about you but I am keeping my brolly close at hand.

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