Enough Is Enough

When is the UK government going to wake up ?

It’s not Boris Johnsons fault that these folks are homeless. It’s not Priti Patels fault that they are trekking across europe.

But it is their fault that Britains stance is not strong enough to deter them from trying to cross the channel in an ever growing armada of boats that are not fit for purpose.

They know that we will look after them when they arrive on our beaches. This is wrong.

What they should know is that we will give them a bottle of water and a packet of sandwiches and that they will be put on a boat and transported back to France, or whichever country their ill conceived voyage started from.

These people should be put on a boat and returned to the coast of their departure. This could be done within 24 hours. Just return them to the beach from which they started their crossing.

When are european countries going shoulder some responsibility and take action to stem the tide ?

I like to consider myself quite laid back, liberal minded and definitely not racist, but I find myself becoming more and more angry when ever I watch the news.

The bleeding hearts on the media will tell you that these people are destitute, oppressed and fleeing from danger.

They are not.

They are crossing the channel from France, and other countries. These people may have come from war torn countries but they don’t stop travelling once they have arrived in a safe country. They carry on migrating through safe countries with one destination in mind, Great Britain.

They are not destitute, if the media is to be believed. They are paying way over the odds to criminals so they can cross the channel in small overloaded boats. I have seen £5000 as a figure, the fee they pay to criminal gangs. This is many times more expensive than crossing legally on a ferry or via the channel tunnel.

So why don’t they cross in the same way as you or I would do ?

They haven’t got a passports or a visa. You or I, trying to cross legally, would be turned back at the border ….. IN FRANCE. And don’t forget, most of them are not EU citizens either so they, even if they have retained their passports, do not have the same rights as EU citizens for cross border travel.

Lets also not forget the security issues associated with taking these people under our collective wings. These aren’t families making this crossing. Some are, and some are unaccompaied children who have been put in these boats and cast off with no thoughts to their continued safety. Who would send their children off into the unknown? Predominantly though, they are young men. Young men who have left their homes and families behind. I don’t doubt that some are  truly fleeing from awful conditions. But not all. Many have their eye on the handouts that the UK is renowned for. I also believe that some of these young men have darker intent.

Isn’t anyone worried by the large numbers of fit young men that are crossing into our country ? How many of them are ISIS sleepers ? Men that could be slipping ino the UK with ill intent for our future.

It’s time our government gave some teeth to our security forces and let them turn the tide of this illicit trade and send a strong message across the world.

“You are not welcome”.

Cameron blames ‘pointless’ EU rules for killing growth

Hear Hear !!

I have been saying for years that the rule makers in the EU are out of touch with reality. The point of the EU was to facilitate cross border business activities. It was not intended to introduce nonsense rules and regulations which only serve to make doing business more difficult.

Cameron has it right when he says that resolution of the current crisis also offered a golden opportunity to undertake fundamental reform of the EU.

Needless to say I won’t be holding my breath while we wait for this reform to materialise.

Cameron blames ‘pointless’ EU rules for killing growth – Yahoo!.

Lets Outlaw The Addition Of Water To All Meat Products

Bacon bust-up: EU wants to re-label breakfast favourite as ‘bacon with added water’

For once I agree with the EU bureaucrats, the producers of bacon “with added water” should fess up. Is there anything more annoying that cooking bacon or chicken and finding it has shrunk to half its original size as the water is cooked out of it. The addition of water to our food products is one of the biggest cons being perpetrated on the British public.

However, I personally would have more respect for the EU and their interfering rule making if they had mandated that all meat products with added water were to be banned.

Bacon bust-up: EU wants to re-label breakfast favourite as ‘bacon with added water’ | Mail Online.

End the Fisheries Discard Disgrace

Subject:  End the Fisheries Discard Disgrace.

Dear Rt Hon David Willetts MP,

As one of your constituents, I am writing to ask you to sign Early Day Motion 1123: Fish Fight campaign, which calls on the new government to eliminate discards from our fisheries.

Discarding is an environmentally and economically damaging practice: up to half of the fish trawled from the North Sea are thrown back dead or dying because of the current quota system imposed by the EU’s disastrous Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) which is due for reform.

I am supporting the Fish Fight campaign because I am deeply concerned about this senseless waste of food and I want this shameful practice to end. The campaign is backed by the fishing industry, environmental groups (including environmental law organisation ClientEarth and the Marine Conservation Society among others), and fast-growing numbers of the general public.

Now it needs all-party government support.

As my representative to parliament, I urge you to add your signature to this Early Day Motion, to show the UK has a united ask for the CFP: end discards.

For your convenience, the text of the Early Day Motion is reproduced below this letter. More information on the campaign can be found at the Fish Fight website.

Thank you for your support,

Yours sincerely

Havant Constituent

Hughs Fish Fight Letter

To Commissioner Damanaki, Members of the European Parliament and all member state governments, 

I have seen images of dead and dying fish discarded in European waters.

I understand that the current Common Fisheries Policy leads to discarding on a vast scale; for example, half of all fish caught in the North Sea are being discarded because of the current quota system imposed by the CFP.

I want this senseless waste of food to end. I want you to use your influence to  stop this unacceptable  and shameful practice.

I am supporting the Fish Fight campaign to help bring about this vital change in our seas.


ECHR – A Well Worn Trump Card

There it is again, the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights),once again being used by a criminal as a “get out of jail free card”. Thankfully the judge, Noel Lucas QC, is not being diverted from handing down a custodial sentence. Good man.

Crooked bank cashier tells judge ‘You can’t jail me it will violate my baby’s human rights’ | Mail Online.

Get Ready To Dig Deeper Into Your Pockets

Yet another directive from those wonderful folk in the EU.

Once again singing the equality song.

The only equal element in this is that we will all equally have to pay more.

Once upon a time market forces drove costs and in the insurance markets it was risk that determined cost. So what if the insurance companies gave discounts to certain groups of people the underlying driver was the amount of risk. But not any more.

Thanks to Frau Kokott, an advocate-general at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg, the risk element has just been removed in the rush to ensure equality. No longer can gender be taken into account by insurance companies when determining the premiums that we will be asked to pay.

For example “Experts estimate that, from the age of 17 until they’re 25, British women drivers will pay an extra £4,300. On the other hand, male pensioners who get a higher annuity than women, because they do not live as long, will be left significantly out-of-pocket because their rates will be slashed to bring them into line.”

Follow the link below for more commentary from Philip Johnston of the Telegraph

We’ll all lose in the crazy EU equality drive – Telegraph.

How To Solve Britains Financial Woes At A Single Stroke ?

Withdraw from the EU !!!

The overall costs to the UK economy have been estimated at £60 billion/year, or £1000/person. Probably more since this estimate was made. OK so this wouldn’t really solve our problems at a stroke but it would make significant inroads and help to reduce our deficit.

They can have my vote for withdrawal right now.

Another Reason To Abandon The EU

So this is what the faceless bureaucrats have been up to. The European Commission has just ruled that anything calling itself a Cornish pasty will have to come from Cornwall. Telling us not only where a Cornish Pasty can be made but also what can be in it and on which side the crust should be.  Total waste of time and money.

Is this what we pay them to do ? i.e. sit in Brussels, or wherever it is they hide, generating pointless rules and regulations.

This is a joke.

These are presumably the same time wasters that are telling us that cucumber can’t be curved, that our chocolate can’t be called chocolate and that our sausages can’t be called sausages.

Surely, the consumer is king in this situation. If we like it we’ll eat it. If we don’t like it……!!!

Personally I love pasties when they are made properly and for the record, My Mum made the best ever pasty and she was Sussex born and bred.  So I couldn’t give a stuff where they are made so long as they taste good.

Cornish pasty given EU protected status – Telegraph.