Italian Adventure Part 2 – Sick Day

Day 2 turned out to be not such an adventure after all. Unfortunately the cold has made for a fairly down beat second day. Call it man-flu, whatever you like, it has just left me feeling grotty.

We decided it was probably not a good idea to take on the Italian roads, when I wasn’t firing on all cylinders, and opted to spend the day at the hotel, by the pool. Temperatures were up around 25 degC, even though it was cloudy for most of the day. We lay by the pool but didn’t actually get in the water. I did test the water but it was pretty cold. There were only two folks brave enough to get right in and they didn’t stay long.

To mitigate the disappointment, we again had lunch with a couple of beers at Bar Acquarello. Planning to eat in the evening, we avoided the cheeseburgers which were very good but very filling.

The evening meal was really very good. Gerry had Breaded Scallops on a Rice Timbale (black rice moulded into drum shape)  to start, while I had a “Caprese” salad (mozzarella and tomatoes with basil in olive oil). Gerrys main was Sea Bass with potatoes and garlicky courgette slices. There was also some Provolone in there too but not sure if it was added to the fish or the potatoes. My main was lamb with sweet potato, cherry tomato and what looked like a black tortilla chip. My lamb was simply superb, very tender and tasty. Gerrys bass was lovely. Unfortunately, I had to finish hers as there was simply too much. All washed down with a couple of bottles of Nastro Azzurro, beer by Peroni.

We would have had a bottle of wine but thought it unwise as we intend to attempt the Amalfi coast road in the morning. I will definitely need my wits about me for that.

So that’s it for today. Not much of an adventure but enjoyable nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Italian Adventure Part 2 – Sick Day”

    1. Gerry likes to do that, but I’m easily bored. That’s why I take my fishing rod. Gerry can lay on the beach while I go drown some worms.

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