Conservatory Re-Build – Day 17

Just two guys on site today placing the joists and fixing them in their final positions, installing the insulation, gluing and screwing the floor boarding.

Conservatory – Insulation between the joists.

The sun came out for a short time while the insulation was exposed. The reflected light into the kitchen was really bright. Gave us some insight into how the final tiled floor will reflect light when the build is complete.

Conservatory – Flooring is complete

All of the flooring has been laid. Screwed and glued in place. A couple of traps have been created to provide access to the kitchen drain and to the utility room connections. The photo above shows that a piece of flooring has been left out to allow the plumber access to the water pipes.

One of the guys is coming to work tomorrow, Saturday, to build the partition wall. Word is that the bifold doors will be installed on Monday which will be good. The back of the house including the garage will be secure.

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