Shock Horror – I’ve Had A Full Brazilian

Yep, it’s true. This weekend I travelled up to Woodstock, visited Blenheim Palace for the 4th time. Stayed in Woodstock overnight and travelled to Bampton and then on to Burford.

It was while walking around this fabulous town that it happened. Must have been a touch of sunstoke. I certainly couldn’t have been thinking straight. Anyway, it made perfect sense at the time and by golly I’m glad I did.

It certainly cooled things down a bit, smooth and refreshing are two words that seem to properly describe a Full Brazilian. I just had to share this with you. So now you know.

Full_Brazilian I had a lovely pint of Wychwoods sporting brew “Full Brazilian” and I can truly recommend it. So if you are in the Wychwood locale give it a go.


Another letter to Stan.

Well said.

Ken Lukowiak

In response to Stan Collymore’s second tweet on the Falklands, Falkland’s veteran and author Ken Lukowiak, has another letter for Stan.  Only this time;  the news is all bad.

Dear Stanley,

It’s me again, Ken.  I wrote you before but you didn’t wrote back!  So, I tried sending you a tweet but all I got was a message that said:  ‘blocked from using this account by the user’.   Which I guess means you.  I’ve never been blocked before Stan, so I have to ask why?  Is it coz I is white?  Or is it because I’m a Falkland’s veteran?  Either way;  I’m not happy!

As I said in my last, you did a very stupid thing when you tweeted that insensitive ignorance about the Falkland Islands.  I’m hoping that by now even you’ve come to realises that.  If not – then I feel sure that your employers at Talksport…

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If It’s Friday, It Must Be …………

Someones 50th Birthday !!!

@ Puccinis

A veritable brace of Gorgeous Gels
Yours truly with another Gorgeous Gel. I defy anyone to explain what is going on here.
Ahem !! Look at the camera, No, This Camera !!!
Is it a rose between two thorns or, a thorn between two roses. I know what my answer is.
I know you’re taking my photo, but I’m not gonna look. This is my best side.
The birthday girls knows which way to look.
Gorgeous Gels in Posh Frocks
What are they looking so pleased about ?
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