Perth Zoo – Sumatran Tiger

Perth Zoo - Tiger

Quite pleased with this, considering the photo was taken through possibly the dirtiest piece of glass ever. The Tiger was intent on some point in space and was not phased by numerous people standing directly in front.

Perth Zoo – Tricia 2

Perth Zoo - Tricia 2

The signs say she doesn’t stop for photo’s and that you shouldn’t touch her. However, I don’t think Tricia knows the rules. I was lucky enough to observe her stopping to say hello to these lucky folks. Possibly she was hoping that they had a snack, any how she spent quite a few minutes here before slowly moving off. A lovely moment.

Perth Zoo – Tricia

Perth Zoo - Tricia

Tricia, an Asian Elephant at Perth Zoo (November 2013), taking her daily constitutional. Apparently she turned 56 this year. It’s not often you can get up close and personal with an animal this size.

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