There I was chugging along in the early morning traffic. Stop, start, stop again, when zipping past in the bus lane goes a GEOAmey prisoner transport truck.

Well, he made it about half a mile past us to a point under traffic light control, where the bus lane comes to an end and the road merges into a single lane. Had he been driving a bus, the lights would have automatically changed and allowed him through. His undertaking manoeuver would then have gained him a bit of time. Instead he was halted by the lights and we all sailed back past him. In my rear view mirror I could see that he was stuck for quite some time.

I’d call that karma !!

Made my day I can tell you. Am I really that petty ? Yes I am when I am tired and grumpy.

I’m pretty sure that the only vehicles allowed in bus lanes are buses and taxis. Does anyone know the rules ?

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