Leader of the fight for Arctic Convoy medals is taken ill – Defence – Portsmouth News

I couldn’t say this any better than “Johnny Rotten Hates Stains”, the nom de plume of someone who has commented on the linked News article reporting the illness of Commander Eddie Grenfell, who has fought long and hard to get recognition for Arctic Convoy heroes.

This story is a very sad one, Mr Grenfell has had to wait all this time for some sort of official recognition and now his age is catching him up so he’s probably unlikely to ever hold this medal in his hand at the rate of pace things have moved,
Anyway, myself and many other’s awarded the Arctic guys a medal long ago, our medal is worth ten times what the official one will be as ours was given in proper recognition rather than a shut you up effort because people were making those that can’t venture out in todays snowfall yet alone face rough freezing sea for years at a time look like the weaklings they really are,

This country doesn’t deserve the Mr Grenfells of this world, it probably did at the time but as history and the record shows all this country has done has taken an almighty dump on these men as it has with the current forces by under equipping them in theater,

My message to a country that seems to think it can call upon us in times of trouble and ignore us all other times is up yours next time you start a war because you muppets couldn’t agree with another set of muppets from another country,



Leader of the fight for Arctic Convoy medals is taken ill – Defence – Portsmouth News.

Dairycrest Driver – Dickhead Of The Day Award

Yes, Thanks for the scary WTF moment this morning. I needed something to get my heart pumping …. NOT !!!

So there I am following this Dairycrest milk float through the QA hospital site when you, the Dairycrest driver, decided to pull into the bus stop lay by without indicating or braking. I carry on following the road and am just pulling alongside the milk float when you, the Dairycrest driver, pulled back out into the road, again with no indication.

Good job one of us was awake this morning as I avoided the collision that you, the Dairycrest driver, were intent on having.

That is why I award you, the Dairycrest driver, my Dickhead Of The Day award.

This award is normally reserved for Aqua Cars drivers, who have a total disregard for the highway code once the get on the QA site. However, they were somewhat scarce today so the award is yours.

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