Dairycrest Driver – Dickhead Of The Day Award

Yes, Thanks for the scary WTF moment this morning. I needed something to get my heart pumping …. NOT !!!

So there I am following this Dairycrest milk float through the QA hospital site when you, the Dairycrest driver, decided to pull into the bus stop lay by without indicating or braking. I carry on following the road and am just pulling alongside the milk float when you, the Dairycrest driver, pulled back out into the road, again with no indication.

Good job one of us was awake this morning as I avoided the collision that you, the Dairycrest driver, were intent on having.

That is why I award you, the Dairycrest driver, my Dickhead Of The Day award.

This award is normally reserved for Aqua Cars drivers, who have a total disregard for the highway code once the get on the QA site. However, they were somewhat scarce today so the award is yours.

Audi Registration OW53 AZU – Stupid Stupid Stupid Driver

The  blond-haired female driver, of Audi Registration OW53 AZU is an idiot of the first order.

Not only was she negotiating the roundabout, at the end of Downwood Way Horndean,  but she was doing it with her mobile stuck to her ear.

I couldn’t see if she still had it stuck to her ear when she negotiated the roundabout between London Road, Portsmouth Road and Havant Road in the centre of Horndean.

However, after taken the Havant Road she decided she needed something from the back of the car. Rather than pull over she kept rummaging, pretty much for the length of the road while meandering over the centre line and back. By rummaging I mean she was turning around in her seat to lean between the two front seats for several seconds at a time.

At the end of the road she encountered the next roundabout which is at the junction of Havant Road, Dell Piece East and the B2149 which leads to Rowlands Castle.

At his point our paths separated.

I hope she made it to her destination as I hope all the other road users in her path made it to theirs.

As a driver this woman is a menace.