3 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day”

  1. Thank you for your good wishes! Are you envious that you can’t stuff yourself with turkey and sweet potatoes and countless other side dishes today? Think of the clean-up… But I am thankful for my family, who will be feasting with is today.

    1. Actually I am not a fan of turkey, Not even at Christmas. So no I’m not. However, all the other stuff and the trimmings, yes. I like the idea of the social gathering of friends and family. I wish you all the best Bonnie, to you and your family. Enjoy. Bob.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving (:
    I must admit I don’t care much for turkey either,
    I prefer them alive and living in their natural habitat…
    However, I do so enjoy the holiday- spending time with friends and family and eating lots and lots is always a top notch way to spend the day in my opinion!

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