Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s hoping that the many friends and colleagues that I have in the US have a brilliant Thanksgiving. Enjoy the food, the drink, but most of all enjoy socialising with your friends and family.

Have Fun !!

Oh, and I also thank you for the respite, brief that it is, brought about by the dramatic reduction in email traffic aimed at my in basket.

Alice’s Restaurant Massacree

I have just spent the last 20 mins, or so, listening to Alice’s Restaurant Massacree.

It has become a tradition for Radio Paradise to play this in its entirety every Thanksgiving.  I first heard this album, by Arlo Guthrie (son of Woodie) back in 1969/70 thanks to my friend Jim Gibson. The album was released in 1967.

Give it a listen, you will smile if you listen to it all the way through.