The Inn On The Beach

Today I had lunch at The Inn On The Beach , Hayling Island.

The Inn On The Beach, Hayling Island

Along with my wife, grandson and a longtime friend over from Australia we spent an enjoyable few hours reminiscing and catching up.

The “Inn” provides good food in nice surroundings with a beautiful views across the Solent to the Isle Wight and along the coast from Portsmouth to the West to Selsey in the East. This a great venue regardless of the season.

When we arrived the weather was cold and quite breezy. By the time we had finished eating the wind had dropped and the clouds had rolled away. The sun was dropping rapidly and illuminating the shoreline beautifully.

The following view is to the west and in the distance you can see the Portsmouth skyline including the Spinnaker Tower, the floodlights at Fratton Park and it is just possible to make out St Marys church.

Hayling Beach Huts in the Autumnal Sunshine

This view is to the east and when viewed full size you can just see the Selsey shoreline merging with the horizon.

Hayling Shore view towards Selsey

I believe that, when the conditions are right, the south coast and especially Hayling is as good as any mediterranean location.

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