“I tend to live in the wonderful world of my head, where every day the sun shines”

So said Eric Sykes, who died today, at the age of 89.

Eric has been, it seems, ever-present figure in my life. I first became aware of him from The Goon Show on the radio. Then from the many TV shows in which he has been involved including  Sykes and a… , Sykes and a Big Big Show and last but not least Sykes.

The last of those shows was broadcast in the 1970’s but that was not the last of Eric’s screen career.

Although his first movie appearance was in the 1950’s he was still appearing right up until 2010 and what more appropriate than an Agatha Christie  Poirot story,  Hallowe’en Party.

And in the middle of that illustrious list is what, I believe, to be one of the funniest films ever made.

The Plank, written and produced by Sykes in 1967. Just look at the cast he managed to pull together. Eric himself, Tommy Cooper, Jimmy Edwards, Roy Castle, Jimmy Tarbuck, Anna Carteret, John Junkin, Bill Oddie, Stratford Johns, Jim Dale, Hattie Jacques, Libby Morris, Johnny Speight & Kenny Lynch. The cream of British comedy.

Lets not forget the books that he wrote too. I’m sad to say that I have personally only dipped into the large Milligan book pool, starting with the glorious Puckoon. Followed by  Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall, “Rommel?” “Gunner Who?” and Silly Verse for Kids.

Eric is quoted as saying “I tend to live in the wonderful world of my head, where every day the sun shines”.

In response I would say, Thank you Eric. Thank you for letting us join you in that world and letting us bask in that sunshine.


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