A Trip To The Casino

Day 3 – Sunday 17th June

Despite the very long day, driving for 12 hours and despite the assistance of the alcohol that we consumed at the party, we both awoke at 03:15. Both needed a pee. Both satisfied we re-awoke at a more reasonable hour.

Today has been a day of discovery.

Discovering how to make tea without a kettle. Discovering that it is normal to provide your own towels, sheets & pillowcases when renting a gite. Thank you Didier, for lending us a set of bed linen, free of charge. And finally, discovering the nearest supermarket, in Aigre, where we obtained provisions for our Sunday lunch. Not forgetting snacks and beer.

Once we were back at the gite we sat outside with coffee and cake before relaxing in the sun. It is so quiet in Barbezieres. Well apart from the Collared Doves sitting on the ridge tiles and the antenna coo-cooing, the Blackbird sitting on the chimney singing his heart out with the volume set at 11 on and off all afternoon, and the Goldfinches adding their songs to those of the myriad of other birds.

After spending a couple of hours reading in the sunshine we took a stroll around the village. There is an impressive 15th century chateau and a Roman style church in the village centre. There a number of buildings that are offering themselves up as renovation projects. I’ve obviously seen to many “Grand Designs” programs. The potential for these properties is enormous but they would require significant investment too.
One can dream though.

Back at the gite, more relaxation followed by a tasty dinner of lamb chops, new potatoes and fresh salad all washed down with that complimentary bottle of Merlot.


Well it’s nearly midnight and time I was in my pit so I’ll bid you Bon Nuit.

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