There Go The FIfties

Despite the best efforts of those around me, I managed to hang right on in there up to the very last second.

I was fifty-nine, still in my fifties, and then it happened.

Didn’t feel a thing. Still feel exactly the same. Yet, things have changed. I can no longer say that I am in my fifties. I don’t have to pay for prescriptions anymore.

It was bad enough when my grandchildren thought I was old because I was over forty. At least everyone was telling me that life begins when you are forty and we all know now what liars they were.

So I guess I’ll just have to, whats the current term, suck it up. I’ll have to live with the fact that I cannot turn back the clock, that mother nature continues to play the sickest of jokes, regardless of what my mind thinks. I just grew another year older. In less than the blink of an eye …..

I AM 60

2 thoughts on “There Go The FIfties”

  1. Well happy birthday!

    It never does feel any different though does it? I recently turned 32 and was asked by my Mum ‘So how does it feel to be 32?’. I admit that it was a little mean but I couldn’t resist replying ‘Why? Do you not remember?’ Thankfully she’s known me long enough to see the funny side!

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