Restaurant closure – What a surprise, NOT !!!

Fast food giant McDonald’s has closed its Waterlooville Branch

McDonald’s said it was down to ‘changing trading patterns.’

Far be it for me to point out the obvious but this closure was guaranteed to happen, from the moment that the planners gave their blessing to McDonald’s new Larchwood Road development.

McDonald’s managed to railroad our local councilors into letting them build a new restaurant alongside ASDA at Larchwood Road, Bedhampton. Despite there being objections from the Highways Agency about the extra burden on an already overloaded road system.

From McDonald’s perspective it is obvious what the advantages are for them. They have a new facility with drive thru and adjacent parking, which Waterlooville does not. Being right next to ASDA means a much higher rate of passing trade. Certainly much higher than they could ever hope for from the diminishing numbers of shoppers in Waterlooville. And then there is the drive-thru facility which the Waterlooville branch did not have. All those ASDA shoppers who, being pestered by their kids, will drop in pick up a quick burger tea on their way home.

One has to wonder just how many outlets McDonald’s need in this area. A quick check of their website shows that they have 7 within 7 miles of Waterlooville.

I feel that our councillors have let us down, once again. They are responsible for controlling developments in this area. And yet they failed to see what  the obvious effects would be, of allowing McDonald’s to proceed with the development. They should have dug their heels in and said no.

This closure is just part of the ongoing pressure being applied to turn Waterlooville town centre into a residential area while shoppers are pushed out. Squeezing the heart out of this community.

Once again the council planners have failed this community.

Restaurant closure – Local Business – Portsmouth News.

“In a word, we’re stuffed”

So says Councillor Mike Fairhurst following last nights decision to allow 92 new homes at Scratchface Lane, Bedhampton.

Many councillors obviously feel that local councils will be held to ransom by the spending power of big businesses who due to their wealth can afford a war of attrition. They know that local councils are on tight budgets and cannot afford the costs associated with going to appeal and losing. Once central government inspectors have voted against local council decisions the flood gates are opened.

‘I’m exceedingly angry. I would reject this but I can’t. I’m up for a fight as much as the next man. I don’t like being dictated to by some bloke in Bristol (the planning inspector).

‘But I have a head as well as a heart and I ask myself what will happen if I reject this? The application will go to appeal, that’s a certainty. It’s not like we will pay the fine and not get the houses. We will get the houses anyway. In a word, we’re stuffed.’

This development will go ahead and the local residents will be the ones who pay the price.

The roads in this area are quite narrow and the egress to main exit routes already become quite congested. This development is too large for the area and any concerns about motorway noise have already been disregarded.

Jim Graham a resident of Brooklands Road, the main site access, says

This has been going on for five years now. All I can hope is that the borough does not live to regret this decision.

Mr Graham, Havant Borough Council won’t regret this decision. They will take their tariff from the developers and will happily collect the council tax from the new residents. It will be the current residents in the area that will regret this decision, who will have to put up with the additional traffic. It will be the new residents who will have to put up with the noise and the dust from the motorway.

I am afraid the council will not regret this decision, they will just move on to their next planning disaster of which they have many on the boil.

The application can be viewed at Havant Borough Councils planning pages HERE

Controversial Bedhampton homes plan approved – Environment – Portsmouth News.

Lets Scratch The Scratchface Lane Development

I wish the Bedhampton campaigners the best of luck this evening.

A meeting should be underway right now, to discuss the building of 92 homes on this controversial development. This land is adjacent to the A3M.

This proposed development makes no sense and has already been refused before, back in 2011, because of fears about the noise levels from the motorway.

The only folks that will benefit from this development are the developers themselves, Crayfern Homes.

All councillors will vote on Bedhampton estate plans – Environment – Portsmouth News.

Increase use of A3 because of the Hindhead tunnel has made noise worse for East Hampshire residents

And not only for East Hampshire residents

Don’t forget the rest of us along the A3 / A3(M) corridor

This article highlights the impact to residents all the way down to Bedhampton.

Like wind and water, motorists will always take the path of least resistance. Surely it would have been obvious to the planners and the developers what would happen. If they had carried out surveys across the area they would have determined that many vehicles were using the A3 as a quicker route to offset the extra mileage. Once the reason for that diversion was removed then it was a dead cert that the traffic would take the shortest distance once more.

Once again it is the local residents that pay the price for the short sightedness of the planning fraternity.

Increase use of A3 because of the Hindhead tunnel has made noise worse for East Hampshire residents – Transport – Portsmouth News.

Warning that congestion woes could get worse – Local Council Won’t Listen To Residents

Community leaders spoke of their concerns about congestion and parking as plans for 79 homes at Brockhampton went on show.

Developer Orchard Homes wants to build 64 houses and 15 flats on green space to the south of Ranelagh Road, an area once used for allotments.

The meeting at Havant’s council chamber heard the land had been identified as an area that could accommodate 160 homes – and this could be phase one.

Havant Borough Council have already shown that they don’t care about local residents views by their continuing development approvals. They just play lip service to residents comments at review meetings. In the last couple of years every possible piece of greenfield that has been earmarked for development has gone through. The traffic problems brought about by this rampant development just get worse. This particular development will bring an extra 150 to 400 vehicles passing in and out of the area and will of course require somewhere to park.

Paul Basham, a transport consultant for the developers, told the meeting: ‘We are aware there is an existing problem there.

‘What we can do about this is a difficult situation.

‘We are working with Havant Borough Council to see what we can do, if anything.’

People’s comments will now be taken forward as developers work up a formal planning application.

Don’t hold your breath folks. The planners won’t have to live with their decisions. Nor will Paul Basham who says

‘We are working with Havant Borough Council to see what we can do, if anything.’

The implication there is that they will proceed regardless of if they can provide a solution thereby exacerbating the problem.
Warning that congestion woes could get worse – Local – The News.