Romain Grosjean escapes high-speed crash

So glad that Romain, appears, to have escaped this horrendous crash.

Thankfully, the previously controversial “halo” seems to have saved his life. Methinks the value of this safety feature will be viewed somewhat differently from now on. Any debate about the aesthetics will now be firmly in the bin.

Hopefully, given the magnitude of the incident, Romain has, relatively, minor injuries.

I use that term advisedly, as burns and potentially broken bones are not to be sneered at.

I would also like to mention the medics and marshals who deserve our thanks and respect for their amazing response during the aftermath of this incident.

Romain is receiving treatment at hospital and I wish him well, a speedy recovery and hope we see him racing again soon.

Nico Rosberg claims well deserved win in Chinese F1

Rosberg drove perfectly from the beginning to the end of what turned into the best race of the season. I know that it’s only early days but Wow.

If the rest of the season carries on in this manner we are in for one heck of a ride.

Congratulations to Nico, Jenson & Lewis

So, next stop Bahrain. The decision to go ahead with this venue is questionable at best but I hope that it goes ahead and is trouble-free.