So We Are Out

The leave campaigners have had their way and Great Britain will leave the EU.

I am not a fan of the EU. Personally I don’t believe we should have joined in the first place.

In theory the EU is a great idea. The problem is, just like with communism, you have to factor in human nature.

The good bits of the EU have been smothered by the petty bureaucracy, stupid rules that interfere in individual national processes and traditions.

And let’s not forget the petty bureaucrats, the fat cats getting fatter on the EU expenses gravy train.

No, we should not have joined. However, we did and we have been in too long to extricate ourselves without a lot of pain.

Britains exit may well be likened to a particularly messy divorce. With both parties making life difficult for each other, more out of spite than moral rights.

And for those who think that voting to leave means that our EU contributions will be switched to the NHS, or that all immigration issues will be resolved, don’t hold your breath.

Just remember, those promises were made by politicians,  professional liars and withholders of the truth.

Just take a proper look at the various statements they made and see how much water they hold in the weeks, months and years to come. 

And just how much is a Boris Johnson television apology really worth

2 thoughts on “So We Are Out”

  1. I know nothing about the EU, just saying, in fact I know that little I could write all that I know on the back of a postage stamp. As all I know is that EU stands for European Union

    1. Many of the folks who voted out didn’t know anything about the EU either. All they knew was the hearsay and misinformation that they were fed. Pure propoganda.

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