Summer Fayre

On Sunday we made our annual pilgrimage to my great granddaughters school,  for the Summer Fayre. It’s always well attended and this year was no exception. There is always plenty going on to keep you entertained and it seemed that this year the school had excelled themselves. Scattered throughout the school rooms, and around the grounds,… Continue reading Summer Fayre

View From The Conservatory

So, I hear this commotion going on over my head. Thinking it’s a couple of fat pigeons I look up and what do I see. Yep, my neighbour’s cat, Daisy, about eight feet up. Presumably, stalking the birds, hence all the noise. I’ve also included this archive shot of some Apple Blossom. Since I have… Continue reading View From The Conservatory


Over the last few days I have been trawling through my photo archives and thought I’d share a few. The swallowtail was fluttering around the village of Collonges la Rouge in France. It led me a merry dance from flower bed to flower bed before settling long enough for this photo. Loved these little fellows… Continue reading Nature

View From The Conservatory

Just thought I’d share a picture of these two guys. We rarely see Goldfinches in our garden, just maybe once or twice a year, and this is the first time I have managed to get a photo. The focus is a bit soft due to the effect of shooting through double glazing and being at… Continue reading View From The Conservatory