Summer Fayre

On Sunday we made our annual pilgrimage to my great granddaughters school,  for the Summer Fayre. It’s always well attended and this year was no exception. There is always plenty going on to keep you entertained and it seemed that this year the school had excelled themselves.

Some of the crowds at the Summer Fayre

Scattered throughout the school rooms, and around the grounds, were many stalls offering you the opportunity to win a prize. There were tombola stalls where you could try to win a teddy, some chocolate or perhaps a bottle of something alcoholic. Other stalls tempted you to guess the weight of the cake, or the number of sweets in the jar. Alternatively you could try your hand at the more traditional hoopla and hook-a-duck games. For those of a more sadistic nature there was Splat the Rat.

I found it quite interesting, the number of opportunities there were to win bottles of booze. Most surprising, since many of the purchasers of tickets were well below the minimum age required to carry off their prizes, needing to go and find an appropriate adult to carry off their booty.

Early on we were entertained by  the rousing sounds of bagpipes and drums courtesy of  Harbour Pipes & Drums, a locally based marching band.

They came back for a second performance later in the day.

There were some truly dubious characters roaming around the school grounds, one of which my granddaughter claims is her dinner lady. My dinner ladies, when I was at school, never looked like either of these folks. I’ll let you decide which one is her dinner lady.

As usual there was a brilliant demonstration of birds of prey, despite a certain amount of truculence from one of the owls which decided she didn’t want to play anymore and flew up onto the school roof.


Earlier in the day the handlers had apparently lost a bird to the lure of the tree tops.

In the gallery above is a photo of a juvenile Spectacled Owl. Actually, this specimen is one year old. Last year he was just a little bundle of white fluff in the palm of the handlers cupped hands. Apparently this species takes four years to attain its final plumage colour.

I am disappointed that I missed the Dog Agility Show. I’m sure it would have been highly entertaining. I was busy visiting my granddaughters classroom, viewing her art. I include a couple of examples below.

I’ll let you decide if she is a budding Picasso, or perhaps Gainsborough, as I can’t make an objective comment, biased as I am.

The weather was kind too, making this a very enjoyable afternoon.

View From The Conservatory

So, I hear this commotion going on over my head. Thinking it’s a couple of fat pigeons I look up and what do I see.

Yep, my neighbour’s cat, Daisy, about eight feet up. Presumably, stalking the birds, hence all the noise.

Apple Blossom

I’ve also included this archive shot of some Apple Blossom. Since I have culled the branches of our tree the only blossom is way out of reach for me, photographically speaking. So, as the saying goes, here’s one I prepared earlier.

And to close, a couple of squirrel shots. We had been wondering what was trimming the tops from our plant leaves. Thinking it was probably beetles, but really surprised to find it is the squirrels. All that leaf cutting obviously makes them thirsty but that’s a long stretch.

European membership, part 33: The future for Europe

A real nightmare scenario if you follow this logic.


Euro flagsYou might think that if we vote to leave the EU then what happens to Europe after that is not our concern, that would be very short sighted. Were we to vote for Brexit then that could be the start of a domino effect for the other members of the EU.

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Over the last few days I have been trawling through my photo archives and thought I’d share a few.

Scarce Swallowtail

The swallowtail was fluttering around the village of Collonges la Rouge in France. It led me a merry dance from flower bed to flower bed before settling long enough for this photo.


Loved these little fellows long before they became stars of a certain advert series.


One of several residing at Marwell, this little guy didn’t want to share his fish.


More Marwell Otters.

Snow Leopard

Another resident at Marwell and my favourite of the big cats.

Snow Leopard

View From The Conservatory

Just thought I’d share a picture of these two guys.


We rarely see Goldfinches in our garden, just maybe once or twice a year, and this is the first time I have managed to get a photo. The focus is a bit soft due to the effect of shooting through double glazing and being at full zoom.

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