If It’s Friday, It Must Be …………

Someones 50th Birthday !!!

@ Puccinis

A veritable brace of Gorgeous Gels
Yours truly with another Gorgeous Gel. I defy anyone to explain what is going on here.
Ahem !! Look at the camera, No, This Camera !!!
Is it a rose between two thorns or, a thorn between two roses. I know what my answer is.
I know you’re taking my photo, but I’m not gonna look. This is my best side.
The birthday girls knows which way to look.
Gorgeous Gels in Posh Frocks
What are they looking so pleased about ?

The Croft

This is The Croft, Langdown Lawn, Hythe in Hampshire.. My wife and I had a nice lunch here the other day, accompanied by our granddaughters, grandson-in-law and great-granddaughter.

Since visiting this establishment I have seen lots of negative comments on the web. I can’t say that I agree with them.

The Croft has a nice light and airy feel, plenty of space. Being lunch time there weren’t many people in, which suited us.  There is a large garden to the rear with plenty of equipment for the kids which my great-granddaughter made good use of.

The Chocolate Ice Cream Gets My Vote

The staff were really friendly and the food was good if  a little expensive.
The Croft.