Tickets Please

Exclusive: Bus is just the ticket for traffic cops | AOL Cars UK.

Blackball Media
Blackball Media

It seems that  all’s “fare” in the war on the UKs motorists. Earlier in the year we had HGVs being used to catch delinquent truck drivers. Now Hampshire police are using a bus to give them a height advantage to see what motorists are up to.

4 thoughts on “Tickets Please”

  1. “South Yorkshire Police deployed the unmarked lorry in a campaign dubbed Jemma Bear, which was supported by the family of Jemma O’Sullivan who was killed when a lorry driver who was sending a text message crashed into her car.”

    If it avoids this kind of tragedy then I’m all for it. Good luck to them I say!

    1. Hi Lance, I agree. I’m just wondering if this is the start of the various forces trying to outdo each other. Who can employ the most outlandish vehicle ?

      1. I was a bit surprised by the choice of vehicle, to be honest. Surely a van would provide the necessary height to look down onto the drivers? And I also couldn’t help wondering how many officers were involved in the sting. I’d like to think it wasn’t a whole bus full!

      2. Now that would be something wouldn’t it. A charabanc full of bobbies out for a jolly ride by the seaside … lol

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