Tickets Please

Exclusive: Bus is just the ticket for traffic cops | AOL Cars UK.

Blackball Media
Blackball Media

It seems that  all’s “fare” in the war on the UKs motorists. Earlier in the year we had HGVs being used to catch delinquent truck drivers. Now Hampshire police are using a bus to give them a height advantage to see what motorists are up to.

Wet and Windy UK

rainJust like many others, I’m sure, I’ve been listening to the wind for several hours. Apparently Lee on the Solent has been experiencing 60 mph winds and that is only a couple of miles away. Sometimes it sounds like an express train passing through a station at speed. The 80 foot high Beech Tree at the front of the house is perhaps the most vocal although the wall of smaller trees to the back are competing well. It’s as well that it is dark outside as I would probably become rather anxious if I could actually see the trees moving in the wind.

The gutters are also making quite a bit of noise.Or, rather, the water spilling out of them is. Forming an impromptu waterfall and pool by the lounge window.

Well I’m heading to bed now. Keeping my fingers crossed that the dawn is going to reveal any damage.

Good Night and Good Luck to the rest of my fellow UK residents.

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