Gallery of amazing photos …

Thanks Ken. Yet another stunning collection of photographs that show what a fabulous planet we live on.

Bear Tales

As I go through the web if I find an amazing photo I save it to my computer. As I love great photography I share them with you occasionally.

Unfortunately a lot of the time they are unlabeled and with no accreditation to the photographer. Here are 50 photos for which I have tried to do searches to get an idea as to the origin. Google image search is a wonderful thing!

Please click on a photo to view gallery slide show and full size images …

I get great pleasure from all the photos on the web and so do a lot of my friends. What a wonderful world we live in.

Hope you enjoyed.

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2 thoughts on “Gallery of amazing photos …

  1. These are incredible! I was looking through the other day. They’re all absolutely remarkable.

    • I find them both uplifting and depressing. The depression comes from the fact that they remind me of the high standards that my photography has yet to attain.

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