Blenheim Revisited – The Inside Story

About a year ago I posted about our visit to Blenheim Palace, about our picnic in the grounds and posted a few snapshots from that day. Well we have been back, specifically to view the inside.

So I present for your delectation a few snaps from Saturdays exploration.

Starting us off is the head of Winston Churchill, possibly England’s greatest Prime Minister.

The Great Man
The Great Man

Some of the youngsters out there may not realise that Winston Churchill was the inventor of one of their current favourite favourites, the”onesy”. Of course it wasn’t called that back in the day. I present for you the “SirenSuit”

Churchill's "onesy" or SIren Suit
Churhills “onesy” or SIren Suit

Invented during time of war, designed to be pulled on over your bedclothes and worn when you had to dash to the air raid shelter.

Beautiful Dress

Below is the bedroom in which Churchill was born. Given the grandeur of Blenheim this room seems rather cosy by comparison.

Bedroom where Churchill was born
Ornate Clock
Frieze – Just one small selection of many
This small section is just a sample and this image cannot do justice to the skill and craftsmanship that went into creating Blenheim
Organ Pipes – belonging to the Willis organ, at the north end of the Long Library. It was installed by the 8th Duke in 1891 and is the largest privately owned organ in Europe.
A selection of ceremonial robes
I’ve forgotten what this is, but it is impressive
A Closer View
One of many statues looking down on the Great Hall. Carved, I believe by Grinling Gibbons
Windows – Great Hall – Blenheim Palace
Windows & Statues – Great Hall – Blenheim Palace

After touring the house we had a spot of lunch on the terrace, overlooking the water gardens.

Lunch on the terrace – Water Gardens at Blenheim
Water Gardens – Blenheim Palace
Water Gardens – Blenheim Palace

As luck would have it, our visit to Blenheim coincided with a Mediaeval Tournament which was taking place in the grounds to the South of the palace. We strolled across the lawns, being buffeted by the quite strong winds that had blown up. The tournament was a jovial affair, presided over by King Henry

King Henry VIII - Jousting at Blenheim Palace
King Henry VIII – Jousting at Blenheim Palace
Success – One ring captured
A little more difficult this time. The ring was tossed into the air, rather than hanging from the pole.
Acknowledging the applause
Starting to the gallop
Have at you sir !!!
The Salute
On my way !!!
A little bit of swordplay
A dastardly knave sent packing
Lap of Honour
Lap of Honour
Lap of Honour

After the excitement of the tournament we returned to the palace. New this year is ‘Blenheim Palace: The Untold Story’ an audio-visual trail through the history of Blenheim. It seemed a little disjointed at times but was very interesting although the theatre room left us a bit perplexed, not sure what they were trying to convey.

After a beautiful visit we set off for home but not before stopping at what is becoming a favourite of ours. The White Horse at Ampfield where we had a lovely meal. I would like to make a personal recommendation and that is, should you ever visit The White Horse, choose the Faggots. That is if they are on the menu. They are made by the butchers in the nearby village of Hursley. They are delicious and very filling.

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