Adrian von Ziegler – Instrumental Music

Stumbled across this while noodling around in You Tube. It was, for me, a pleasant surprise.

About Adrian von Ziegler – Instrumental Music

I’m an independent composer from Switzerland who creates various styles of mostly Celtic, Gothic, Metal and Film Music.

Everybody who likes and spreads my music is very highly appreciated since making independent music more known is incredibly hard these days.

4 thoughts on “Adrian von Ziegler – Instrumental Music”

  1. I heard your music Evening Breeze on youtube and wish to buy a copy. Sadly I’m unable to download music. Any chance of you releasing this on CD?

      1. That is no help. All of the music on that site must be downloaded. I want to order a real, physical CD and have it delivered to my door.

      2. Well I suggest you contact von Ziegler as it appears he is promoting his music only thru iTunes, Amazon and other sites as MP3 downloads. I can’t help. Sorry.

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