Pubs – “Splash” Rip-Off

In my recent post I mentioned the good food at The Fishermans Rest I have moved this to a separate post because I don’t want to taint what was predominantly a very positive experience.

This negative issue is not restricted to The Fishermans  but is common across the industry. I am referring to the amount pubs charge for lemonade and other “splash” mixers that are added to spirits.

My wife drinks Southern Comfort with lemonade and the Fishermans along with many other pubs charges £0.65 per “splash” of lemonade.

Because my wife likes her glass filled with lemonade that apparently equates to two “splashes”. So £1.30 added to the price of a single shot. With SC at £2.85 the total price for the drink was £4.15 meaning that the lemonade accounted for 31% of the total price.

In my view this unacceptable commercialism is unfair to the customer. After all I can buy a two litre bottle of Schweppes Lemonade from a supermarket  for around £1.25

Before you all shout that the pub has to cover the costs of providing the comfortable surroundings, transportation of the drinks etc. etc. I understand all that. And I also know that I can buy a bottle of SC and lemonade and drink at home. But that is hardly the point.

That £1.30 additional charge for my wifes drink is somewhat hidden. We all know roughly what pubs charge for spirits but not all pubs charge £0.65 per “splash”, some don’t even charge at all.

My Abbott Ale was only £2.95 for a whole pint. The pint measure is controlled by law. My wifes drink cost £4.15 for just over half a pint. Although spirit measures are controlled by law there are no legal controls over measures for mixers.

It’s no wonder pubs are struggling. I thought it was beer prices that was keeping folks out of pubs but now I’m not so sure.

Personally I am going to try and convince my to drink beer, it would certainly be cheaper.

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