At Long Last – Arctic Medal campaign is won

HMS Scylla

Long over due, the British Government finally see sense. Now we all hope that they and their bureaucrats get their collective digits out and make sure the medals are available while there are still some deserving recipients alive to make all this worthwhile.

It would also be right to award the medals posthumously to those who couldn’t hang around while this country had its governmental knickers in a twist.

So in this sudden period of enlightenment do you suppose there is any chance that this government might also allow the Russians to present the Ushakov medal.

Arctic Medal campaign is won – Defence – Portsmouth News.

3 thoughts on “At Long Last – Arctic Medal campaign is won”

  1. Ushakov Award: For our Merchant Navy Heroes – Courage and Valour

    RE: Rule 16. No permission is needed for the acceptance of any foreign award if it is designed not to be worn.

    The rules and regulations concerning the awards of foreign medals: Rule 16 states “No permission is needed for the acceptance of any foreign award if it is designed not to be worn”

    Russian Embassy should reissue the statement of the award to the British Government for acceptance. With a note that the award: Is not intended to be worn. Then if it is finally accepted, all veterans wear it regardless, as who the f***’s going to stop them.
    Two awards were sought, many could die before the begrudged Arctic Star: Most vets want the both as they earned them. If a choice they would accept the Russian more meaningful first. 70 years for a Brit, no contest.


  2. In this Year of the Convoy (2013) Much has been achieved for them: The Arctic Star and now Ushakov, Battle of the Atlantic commemorations, Merchant Navy Day September the 3rd every year, Tower Hill Sunday, 08 September will remember all in commemoration and on the 19th of September we will have the GPO – MN Stamps of approval also. K.

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