Nancy really does hit the nail, firmly, on the head. I have been getting more and more frustrated by the feeding frenzy that is the media and their coverage of this tragic loss of life. I too feel for the family of Jacinta Saldhana and I too, feel for the two DJ’s who could not possibly have foreseen their prank leading to the death of this nurse. Many pranks carried out in all innocence could inadvertently lead to dire results. How many of us have sat and watched and laughed at the pranks performed on Candid Camera over the years. More recently there has been the “Elevator” prank perpetrated by the Brazilian TV Show. If ever there was the possibility of a tragic ending then that prank was a prime candidate. Yet, until now, we all would happily laugh at the discomfort of others, a bit of schadenfreude. How quickly we climb on our high horse and decry the actions of these two DJ’s. If it wasn’t for the publics appetite for this kind of entertainment they would not have initiated this prank.

Not Now Nancy

What a sad world we live in.

All I can see on TV and hear on my radio at the moment is news about the tragic death of Jacintha Saldanha, the vilification of two, reasonably funny, radio DJ’s and the cooing over King Edward VII Hospital.

Firstly – before I transcend into a long over due Not Now Nancy rant I would like to say this.  My heart BLEEDS for the family of Jacintha.  Her children, her husband and other family.  To lose someone so young is such a tragedy but to lose someone at this time of year, even more so.

It is of course no wonder that they are looking for someone to blame and, in the same circumstances, perhaps I would be aiming my guns in the same direction.  But it is important in a situation like this to remember the facts.

The media.  The good old British…

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