Meet Pippa

We are looking after a friends pooch while she is recovering in hospital.

Meet Pippa

Her name is Pippa and she is a Shih Tzu . Pippa is on the go all the time, follows anyone who moves about the house. So far she is settling in quite well considering the many feet that have been passing in and out of our house over the last couple of days. It must seem quite daunting to her as her normal home is a lot quieter than ours.

The nice thing is that she doesn’t bark very much. The reason I mention this is that when we are visiting her normal home she barks at us continuously even after we have been there for a while. So far the only barking she has done is in reaction to people at the door or something she has heard in the back garden. Absolutely perfect.

This morning I had her sprinting round our garden. I’m guessing she doesn’t get to run free very often so I wound her up and off she went doing circuits and every time she came past me she gave a little rumbling growl as if to say “Look at me go !!”

Anyway, we have her for about a week, all things being equal, then she will be back home with her mum.

I think we might miss her when she is gone.

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