Over Reaction By Kent Police ?

A man has been arrested for posting an image of a burning poppy on a social network site.

Apparently Kent Police have said that the man was detained on Sunday night, on suspicion of making malicious telecommunications.

I find this action to be incredible, beyond belief. Surely this has to be an invasion of civil liberties. The man wasn’t arrested for burning a poppy but for posting the image online.

This persons actions are, to be honest, abhorrent but surely not a criminal offence. These poppies are used to commemorate the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people who died to ensure our freedom. That includes the freedom to do stupid things.

Nick Pickles, director of civil liberties campaign group Big Brother Watch said:

Kent Police need to urgently release this man and drop an utterly ridiculous investigation into something that has harmed no-one. It is not illegal to offend people and, however idiotic or insensitive the picture may have been, it is certainly not worthy of arrest.

Kent Police have responded

Officers were contacted at around 4pm yesterday and alerted to the picture, which was reportedly accompanied by an offensive comment. Following an investigation by Kent Police, a 19-year-old Canterbury man was arrested on suspicion of an offence under the Malicious Communications Act. He is currently in custody.

Why on earth would this man be kept in custody ? He is hardly a public enemy, will he abscond. The police reaction is totally out of proportion to the “crime”.

I think it is time Kent Police took a long look at their actions and get a proper sense of perspective.

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