Liverpool could lose favour if it messes with the Three Graces – Architectural Vandalism

I am married to a native of the Wirral, have family sprinkled over the area and am a fairly frequent visitor to Merseyside. If the planned development is allowed to proceed it will be nothing less than Architectural Vandalism.

The Mersey skyline, when viewed from either the deck of the Mersey ferry or the Birkenhead shore line, with the “Three Graces” and the two cathedrals is synonymous with Liverpool. Just as the Eiffel Tower is with Paris and Tower Bridge with London.

To even consider overshadowing such an iconic view with skyscrapers and a new cruise liner terminal is the vision of a madman.

The city is expected to approve the UK’s biggest planning application: a ¬£5.5bn development that will relegate the Three Graces to bit-players in a landscape dwarfed by skyscrapers.

This is such a stupid proposal that

The development will threaten the city’s World Heritage status, putting it in line to become only the third place ever deleted from Unesco’s list.

Liverpool was awarded World Heritage Site status in 2004. If it loses that designation it will join a very short deleted list alongside Oman’s Arabian Oryx Sanctuary, where prospecting for oil and poaching depleted the rare birds, and the Dresden Elbe Valley, which lost its status in 2009 after plans for the Waldschl√∂sschen bridge were approved.

I have one thing to say to the Liverpool authorities ….


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