One Week In and 17 Gold Medals

One Week In and 17 Gold Medals, 24 Silver & 15 Bronze. A total of 56 at the time of writing.

Team GB are doing us proud. Yes there has been some heartache but overall so far the Paralympics have been fabulous.

The competitors are the true gold in these events, they show such heart, such spirit.

Paralympic Cyclists Lead The Way For Gold

British cyclist are once again leading the way to Gold Medals at the London 2012 Paralympics.

Sarah Storey has provided Britain’s first gold, and the eighth of her career, on the very first day of the competition.

Jonathan Fox broke the world record in the 100m backstroke heat this morning, then went on to take gold in the final.

Nyree Kindred took silver in the S6 100m backstroke while Hannah Russell took silver in the S12 400m freestyle. And did it in a British record time just to hammer the point home.

And so it goes on. At the time of writing Team GB are 3rd in the medal stakes with seven medals in total. That’s two gold, three silver and two bronze. Not a bad haul for the first day.

Actually it’s brilliant. The national feel good factor has increased exponentially since the conclusion of yesterdays opening ceremony. May it continue to do so.

Let The Games Begin

I’ve been sitting here this evening watching the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Paralympics. Although viewing remotely you cannot help but get caught up in the atmosphere. The enthusiasm being shown by the both the spectators and the athletes is infectious. The show is, as expected, less intricate and in general a lower key affair than the olympics which so dominated our lives earlier this year. Having said that it is no less colourful, no less special.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not normally a sporty person. That is I don’t normally watch sports unless they involve two or four wheels travelling at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. However, I did get hooked by the various disciplines and dipped into most at least once. And some, like handball and volleyball (no, not the beach variety) I watched on numerous occasions. Suffice it to say I am now looking forward to watching the Paralympics, to being introduced to some new and unique sports.

But most of all I am looking forward to, vicariously perhaps, sharing the excitement and the pleasure of the athletes as they compete and as they win their various medals. Of course I want to see Team GB succeed and dominate the medal tables but, just as with the Olympics, it doesn’t really matter. The spectators at the olympics didn’t discriminate. They cheered on all the teams, all the competitors regardless of which country they represented. Of course they cheered louder for the home team, that’s to be expected. So I am looking forward to sharing again in the warmth that was demonstrated during the olympics.

So I say again, Bring It On, Let The Games Begin.

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