Five and a half years is not enough !!!

Two young women were crossing Stoke Road after enjoying an evening in a pub, when Matthew Styler drove his car into them.

Daniel Riley, defending, told the court Styler, who was wounded on a tour of Afghanistan in 2010, had expressed remorse for what he had done and said he had been since diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.


Sentencing, Judge Sarah Munro said: ‘It was nothing to do with post traumatic stress that let you to get into the driving seat.

‘You were so drunk you couldn’t see what was outside the windscreen of your car.

I think that the sentence is too lenient. Styler wasn’t so drunk that he didn’t know what he had done. He knew enough to try to cover his tracks. After the incident he tried to destroy the evidence and change his appearance.

He drove the car into a secluded wooded area four miles away from the incident and set fire to it in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

The 36-year-old washed his clothes, as well as boots and sunglasses, and shaved off his beard to cover-up the crime.

Five and a half years is not enough !!!

Gosport man jailed for ploughing car into friends – Local – Portsmouth News.