Christmas Reflections

Following much nagging and abuse, I finally capitulated and put up the tree. I have even turned on the lights outside the house.

This must be the earliest preparation, for me, ever and the first time we have placed the tree in the conservatory. And, I have to say, I like the effect with all the reflections.

View From The Conservatory

Just a brief entry today. Two flight related pictures.

Shot snatched as the whirly bird flew over this morning. Probably of dubious quality since I haven’t checked it in a darkened room on a decent display but what the hey.

The following shot was taken from my seat in front of my puter. I didn’t dare move as the crow would have flown away.

As taken from the camera, no editing and am quite pleased considering that it was taken through double glazing at an angle of 60 degrees or so. Reflections suppressed courtesy of the polarising filter.