Rough seas and tide put an end to plucky lady’s dream

Chris Pitman is one plucky lady. She attempted one of the most arduous challenges for anyone let alone a 61 year old.

But it wasn’t to be. Weather and tides conspired against her and she had to give up just 5 miles from the French coast.

Chris should be really proud of her acheivement and the money that she has raised for charity.

Rough seas and tide put an end to dream of Channel record – News – Portsmouth News.

Good Luck Chris

Yes, good luck to 61 year old Chris Pitman who is attempting to become the oldest British woman to swim across the English Channel.

Chris, from Bedhampton, started her attempt earlier this morning at around 03:15. Leaving from Dover she expects the crossing to take between 15 and 18 hours.

I wish her the best of luck.

Chris starts her swim across the Channel – News – Portsmouth News.

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