Why Are People So Cruel ?

The girl who made this video, Amanda Todd, 15, was found dead at her home in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, on Wednesday. She was a victim of bullying. Both of the cyber and the physical kind. Authorities believe her death was due to suicide following a prolonged bullying campaign.

It is with an immense feeling of sadness that I repost her video here. Thanks to Chris Jordan on whose blog I first read about Amanda

This young lady was systematically degraded, isolated and physically assaulted. I cannot comprehend the mentality of the people who hounded her so mercilessly. One can only hope that they have now seen Amanda’s video and that it is a wakeup call for them and for any others out there that have embarked on a similar path, who may already have someone in their sights.

My concern is that there are some sick individuals who will see Amanda’s death as a positive outcome.

Amanda’s mum Carol said she wanted the video to warn others of the dangers of cyber bullying.
She told the Vancouver Sun: “Amanda was a very caring individual. She would help others who needed help.

“One of Amanda’s goals was to get her message out there and have it used as a learning tool for others.”

I just hope Amanda’s Mum is right.