Cock-a-Doodle-Doo About Nothing

Once again the sights and sounds of the British countryside under attack. By whom you may ask. Why, the townies, the part-time residents who purchase  second homes just so they can use the countryside as their own personal recreation site.

These are the same folks presumably who put up with the ever-present honking of horns in perpetual traffic jams that blight our city centres, the incessant wailing of emergency service sirens and the boom boom boom of  over powered stereo systems that appear to be installed in most hot hatches.

Presumably the typical city cacophony is acceptable while it appears that the perfectly natural sound of a cockerel is too much for them to bear  according to this article

Well go back to the city is what I say. What on earth did you expect when you bought a place in the country. The countryside is full of  many strange noises and smells all of which should be treasured.

Where I live we have the sounds of pheasants calling,  jays chattering away as they beat a hasty flight through the trees. Even those cute little squirrels can kick up quite a din when they are agitated, hissing at next doors cat or even other squirrels.   What about the owls screeching in the night, and who hasn’t felt the shivers run down their spine at the eery call of the vixen.  As I write this, there are dozens, if not hundreds of birds singing their hearts out despite having joined the dawn chorus which must have started around 04:30 this morning.

Are these the next sounds to come under the disapproving glare of the townies as their idyllic tranquility is disturbed by nature, what on earth did they expect to see and hear when they opted to step outside the city limits ?

Will nature have to give way to some kind of enforced sonic curfew to satisfy these idiots ?

The countryside is a noisy place. Get used to it.

Political Correctness Gone Mad … Again!!

This makes sense….. NOT !!!

  • 2 teenage delinquents damage a cross and write sexual and rascist comments in prayer books at Blackburn Cathedral.
  • They are sentenced for this criminal act and the JP (chair of the bench) in his summation said ‘normal people would think that you were scum
  • The clerk of the court chastised the JP for use of inappropriate language and encouraged the parent of one of the delinquents to make a formal complaint.

So does common sense prevail …… Nope.

The mother complains, The JP is now unable to chair the bench until this nonsense is resolved.

In my view, the clerk overreacted and certainly overstepped the mark. The JP certainly was reflecting the views of the wider public.

Already a parent of one of the miscreants has supported the views of the JP and I applaud the fact that he has made this view known. So many parents take the view that the own “little johnny” can do no wrong.

We need a few more like this JP. (Full Story)