Way To Go Webber

Well done Mark Webber, winner of the British Grand Prix.

Despite what appears to be less than full support of the Red Bull Team. Seems to me Christian Horner still has his work cut out for him trying to smooth ruffled feathers within the team.

Oh and well done to Hamilton and Button respectively for their efforts during the race.

Bleeding Hearts for Moat

Christ it makes me so angry.

Here we have an abusive, violent man, Raoul Moat, who has shot and killed. Who is threatening initially to kill more police and then suggests that he will also turn on the general public.

Now that he has topped himself we have all the bleeding hearts crawling out of the woodwork. Claiming he was misunderstood, claiming that it was the authorities fault, claiming the police could have apprehended him sooner. I have also heard members of the media saying it made them feel uncomfortable watching the last few hours of Moats freedom. Then, to top it all Moats brother is claiming it was like watching a “public execution”.

What a load of emotive twaddle.  Shame on you who believe him to be a hero.

Moat crossed the line and we should all think ourselves lucky that nobody else but him was injured or killed.

Well Done Spain

Congratulations to Spain on their World Cup win –  May the Fiesta never stop

It is inevitable that there will be post-mortem after post-mortem and there are already comments coming from the Dutch camp that the ref was biased.

Come on guys you are supposed to be sportsmen so act like it and give Spain their moment.

So I say once again…..


Who To Support This Weekend ?

What a quandary ? Who do I support ? No I’m not talking about the World Cup. What a fiasco that has been for England. No I am talking about something that may well see a Brit winning.

Yes its F1 at Silverstone this weekend so who do I want to win, Button or Hamilton or even Webber ?

Obviously as a Brit I would like to see either Button or Hamilton win both this race and the championship. However, I also have great admiration for Webber and feel he would have been World Champion if not for some incredible bad luck.

Despite the fact that he is an Ozzie it is nice to see 3 Union Flags on the podium even if one of them is only in the corner of the Ozzie flag. And when you look back over the season so far the Union Flag has been on the podium for every race.

So come on you guys make Silverstone a hat trick of Union Flags. I’ll leave it to you to sort out the order.

Busy Weekend

Yup, Have a busy weekend in the offing.

With a fine forecast for Saturday we are having a B-B-Q so it will probably be wild, wet and windy. But never mind I can cope. After all who was it who had a B-B-Q on Boxing Day not so long ago. I can cremate food in almost any weather conditions

On Sunday we are having a bit of a family gathering in Sussex. A little bit like an American Supper but this will be more of an American Lunch. Descending on my aunt’s house, which is around the halfway point between our various homes, we will all be bearing food and drink. So I, with my wife, will get to have a grand old chinwag with my sisters, their partners and of course my aunt who has been elected to make the teas and coffees.

She in turn has also threatened to make a mystery “Lemon Bake”. Something that my youngest sister has warned me off.

We shall see !!!

Weazel – RIP

Stepped out of my front door this morning to be confronted with a corpse, that of a Weazel.

Weazel - Victim of local cat ?

The poor little fellow is probably the latest victim of one of my neighbours cats who have been responsible for other deaths over the last few days.  This is no wild accusation as I observed one of them consuming the remains of a Wood Pigeon at the beginning of the week.

On numerous occasions my neighbour has bemoaned their activities as they seem to like to bring her “presents”. These have variously included slow worms, frogs, rats, mice, squirrels and of course birds. All have been delivered in various phases of dismemberment.

Well here is one she won’t have to deal with.

Bring Back The Death Penalty ?

With the imminent release of Philip Lawrence’s murderer after serving just 12 years in prison I question why we do not have the death penalty.

Gun and Knife legislation has not reduced the number of weapons being carried on our streets. It’s a sad fact that legislation only works on those that are already law-abiding citizens.

The criminal fraternity has already chosen to abandon the rules that bind the majority of us. The psychopaths are busy writing their own rules, making it up as they go along. Then there are the folks who perpetrate outrageous acts in a fit of rage. For all of these people legislation has no meaning. Similarly, the threat of a jail term is not high on their list of concerns.

So why should we have to bear the cost of supporting these people ?

They have opted out of society so shouldn’t they also forfeit the rights that are afforded to those of us that do abide by the rules.

In the case of murderers they have taken a life and in some cases many lives.

Their victims don’t get parole. Nor do the relatives of the victims. Their victims don’t get to continue their lives after serving a minimum jail term.

So why should the murderer ?

It is for these reasons that I believe that we should reintroduce the death penalty. I hear the naysayers, the do-gooders and their cries of rehabilitation, human rights and so forth.  Well I’m afraid it doesn’t wash. We have had many years of doing it their way and the situation across the country has gotten worse.

Perhaps the threat of the ultimate retribution might sink into the minds of  those out their who are carrying knives and guns. Maybe it won’t truly sink home until the first execution is completed but then, just maybe, we will get their attention.

And lets not follow the American model. Lets not sentence the villains to death then leave them on death row for years. Death should mean death and it should happen as soon as is practical.

Bring back the death penalty.

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