Personal Grooming

The PC brigade are on the loose again.

School dinner lady, Pat Lavery, handed a boy a biscuit after he asked for one. The boy is a relative.

Subsequently, Mrs Lavery was  told  that under the Child Protection Act she could  be seen to be grooming the child. Over a period of  two years or so the situation escalated to the point that she was informed she could lose her job.

All because she gave a boy a biscuit.

Mrs Lavery’s experience is yet another example of common sense being thrown out the window. Full story here

Taking things to an illogical extreme, at the end of this month there will be thousands of children accepting sweets and other treats from thousands of strangers.

Is it possible that I could be accused of grooming young children if I respond to the  Trick or Treat requests on my door step ?

Bring Back GMTV

When getting ready to go to work I only have time to dip into TV for brief moments.

GMTV suited me and I was able to pick up the news with a little bit of showbiz floss. The GMTV team were lively, bubbly and genuinely seemed to get along together. This is not the case with the new Daybreak show.

The new show is dull, dull, dull and who is that mumbling bumbling buffoon Chiles ?  I guess his style is attractive to some but first thing in the morning he is just depressing. As for Bleakly who looks nice but what else is she contributing to the show.

Sorry they get 2 out of 10 from the Waterlooville Jury. Bring back the pizazz of the GMTV team.

Goodbye Mr Pitkin

The world is a sadder place today following the death of Norman Wisdom.

He was a class act and will be sorely missed. Not least because he was one of the few “Seagulls” fans and of course a former director of the club. I like to style myself a fan if only to get up the noses of the Pompey fans by whom I am surrounded.

My condolences to the Wisdom family

Here’s to you Norman.

“They’ve burned down the pier!! Bastards !!”

I was awoken this morning  by a text from my sister informing me

“They’ve burned down the pier!!

Bastards !!”

Hastings Pier has been closed since 2006 but there has been an active campaign to get it renovated and reopened. Although the police have already detained two men this is going to be a severe blow not just to the campaign but also to the whole community.

As well as being an iconic landmark on the Sussex coast the pier is a landmark in my childhood and teens. Having lived my early years in and around East Sussex, from Shoreham to Battle, Hastings and the pier featured quite a bit.

As a family we used to gather along the beach from the pier, to have lunch with Mum and some of her workmates from KB (Kolster Brandes).

From the age of 9, after Mum & Dad gave me my first fishing rod, I used to fish from the pier as well as along the shore line. We won’t mention the ill-fated fishing trip by the lads from Battle Engineering, where I worked immediately after leaving school. Also there were many fishing trips with Dad in his Rana dinghy propelled by the ubiqitous British Seagull. All launched from various points along the Hastings and Bexhill shoreline.

Then of course there was the all night concert that was held on Hastings Pier, Friday 26th June, 1970.  I had travelled up from Pompey with my mate Dirk Diamond (honest, that’s his name) to see The Edgar Broughton band.  As the Broughtons had also played a gig up in London that night it was actually 04:00 Saturday morning before they hit the stage. However, we were kept entertained as also on the bill that night were Blonde on Blonde, Jigsaw, Cupids Inspiration, Sarah Gordons House Of Bondage (The guitarist did say that Sarah would take off  her top if £10 could be collected. It was and she did). All for the princely sum of 25/- (£1.25).There is actually an image of an advert for the gig here

So you can see why, with many memories tied to Hastings Pier, I agree with my sisters sentiment.


Full story here

Idiots – Well Done. Another Black Mark On Portsmouths Reputation

The dinosaur scupture which has been a feature of Southsea Common has been destroyed by fire.

This is obviously a deliberate act carried out by thoughtless individuals and I’m sure they have had a good laugh at the expense of everyone elses enjoyment.

The sculpture was due to move on soon, now Portsmouth has a poor reputation. Why would anyone allow something like this to come here in the future.

Give These People A Kick Up The Arse

An unemployed man, spends his own money to tout for work, has his benefits cut because he wasn’t actively looking for work.

This is madness.

No wonder so many of the benefit claimants sit on their bums all day and just take the money. What incentive is there when the government jobs-worths take punitive action against those that try to help themselves.

The Job-Centre staff in Basildon, Essex need their arses kicking

See here

Bring Back The Birch -3

And yet another article which just beggars belief. And the police say they can do nothing. This is a farce, you couldn’t make it up…..

We are being let down by the police whose hands have been tied by all the do-gooders who would rather stand up for the rights of the criminal community rather than the moral rights of the general public.

Bring Back The Birch -2

I had just posted my comments regarding a local situation. Then I read this  …

Tormented to death

The youth of today call for respect but they do not give it. Those responsible for this should be prosecuted for murder or at the very least manslaughter. They set out to hurt even if they didn’t intend to kill. Whatever their intent they had no qualms about the possible effects of their actions.

Bring Back The Birch

I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick to death of hearing about how the youth of today are making ordinary folks lives a living hell.

Here is yet another example……

Couple brick up their window because of trouble-making yobs

How can this be acceptable  in this day and age ?

Somehow we have lost our way as a society. These yobs know the difference between right and wrong. Is it that they just don’t care or is it, as I suspect, they know that they won’t get punished even if they are caught.

Back in my parents day there was the threat of “the Birch” and I believe they still had this form of punishment available on the Isle of Man right up to the 70’s.

Perhaps now is the time to start a campaign to reintroduce this  kind of punishment for the kind of petty criminal activities that don’t warrant imprisonment.

I for one would vote for it.

Waterlooville CID – Full Marks

Well done to Waterlooville CID for getting these thugs off our streets.

Anyone who thinks its OK to forcibly enter a person’s home and set about them with a baseball bat deserves to be sent down. I am pleased to see that the courts have handed down an appropriate sentence in this case.

Full story here