Step One

A few days ago I outlined the plans I had for my garden. Well today we got underway with the first step.

The old fence, has been standing for some 30 plus years. Not bad, I suppose, but with little or no maintenance it was well past its use by date.

Featherboards Removed
Posts and Arris Rails Only

Good job it wasn’t windy, otherwise the fence would have taken itself down.

You probably can’t see in the pix but this end of the fence was the most rotten. The centre of one of the Arris Rails was pretty well eaten through.

Total Disarray

Earlier in the day I had voiced a wish that we would get two posts up. Well we achieved that goal.

1st Post Erected

Getting the first post installed was a bit of a nightmare. We had decided not to dig out the original posts concrete base. Rather we would offset the new posts into fresh soil.

However, we soon found that the original fence installers had been a bit random with their concrete placement. And of course we found it. So it took quite a while to break up.

2nd Post Erected

But, by the end of the day we had two posts concreted in place.

Plan for tomorrow is to get post number three installed and to get the Gravel Boards and Arris Rails up.

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