Scam !!! Scam!!! Scam!!!

No, I’m not misquoting a Monty Python song. I am aiming this post squarely at

The Lockdown Kitchen

I should have known better, the company name, “The Lockdown Kitchen” , should have rung many alarm bells, indicating that they hadn’t been going for very long. I know, I should have checked the reviews before placing the order. But I didn’t.

On the 26th August I responded to an advert for a kitchen utensil set.

Liked what I saw and placed my order, paying via PayPal. I received the expected confirmation email from the seller. Their email contained the following words

On the face of it, very friendly but it was a lie.

Also on the 26th, I received an email from PayPal indicating that my payment had been made.

So I waited a couple of weeks allowing for their email request and also allowing for the worldwide effects of the pandemic.

I have now chased these folks multiple times for updates on my order. All I have receive are what I call “template” responses …..

As of November 12th, clicking on the tracking link in that email shows this …….

i.e. Nothing has happened for 3 months !!!

As a result of the latest “template” response, on October 10th, I requested a full refund. As of this time, I have not had a response.

In parallel I have raised a claim via PayPal. They have acknowledged but, so far, I have not heard anything else.

Checking out the reviews for this company on-line, I am definitely not the only one that has fallen prey to these scammers. Many folks seem to have trodden the same path along which I am trudging.

Facebook is still allowing these folks to advertise and I have reported them.

The galling thing is that this business is still operational, and also, they seem to be offering the same kitchen utensils for sale. Where are mine ?

The reason for this post is not really about the money, though I would like either the goods or my money back …. soon. No, the real purpose is to alert people to the fact that they may well be throwing their money away.

I also believe that Facebook and other social media sites should be doing more to protect consumers from the scammers that infest their apps.

My advice to anyone considering ordering from these scammers is ….. DON’T !!!

5 thoughts on “Scam !!! Scam!!! Scam!!!”

    1. I’m another gullible trusting idiot! –
      I ordered 50 purple masks in December, I am over 60 and disabled. This company took the money from my account immediately but today, 28/01/’21 still no masks! Tried in vain to contact them but unsuccessful, got someone allegedly out of the country. I am running out of masks now, – weeks from the order, this firm has my money but is not going to deliver the goods, shame on you!!! I am going to contact TRADING STANDARDS tomorrow had enough now.

      1. Eileen, I feel your pain. I never cease to be amazed at just how despicable some people are. Here we are in the midst of a pandemic and these lowlife scum feel it’s alright to cash in. I hope you get your money back.

  1. Hi Bob,
    We’re very sorry we were unable to fulfil your order. It’s a difficult time for customers and retailers alike. We’re not scammers, and we note you’ve now received your refund via PayPal without dispute. Apologies once again.

    1. Shame you didn’t reply to my original emails in a proactive way. Interesting that you only reply when blogged about. Not customer friendly. Yes, PayPal refunded my money. Did you refund PayPal?

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