Sculpture By The Sea – 2019

In a recent post I made mention of last years Cottesloe ‘Sculpture By the Sea’ exhibition. Acknowledging the fact that I had visited, but not shared any pictures from that time. So, here they are. All images were taken using my mobile, which actually takes quite good shots……when I remember not to use it like a Kodak box camera.

Rolling The Earth – Tae-Geun Yang

Loved this one. Made me smile

Didn’t really catch the essence of this one. It deserved better treatment than I gave it.

Two for the price of one. Kit on or Kit off. You decide.

Thoughts of Pinocchio – Kim Bongsoo

I was always told not to pick my nose. But if I must, try and pick a better one. This one’s a cracker.

Here’s a subject to really get your teeth into.

Reminded me of an old style paper Christmas decoration.

This one really needed some bright sunshine to really set it off.

Although I liked Al-Mashoof I really didn’t understand either of these.

Vintage I Bush Truck – Janine McAullay

A lot of character in this truck but not one item of man made material. Or so the artist said, on the TV the previous evening.

And finally, a trio of mystery items. I really did not get any of them. Perhaps you can see what the artist can see.

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