Cheshire Wandering (2) Acton Bridge and Dutton Locks

After the epic tour of Tatton Park, the girls decided that they needed some retail therapy. As this is definitely not my thing, I dropped them off at the Cheshire Oaks retail park and took off to explore a little.

My original plan was to visit the canal and quayside at Preston Brook. Unfortunately, there didn’t appear to be anywhere for me to park, legally. So, I had to wander a little further afield.

Which is how I found myself visiting Acton Bridge.

Acton Bridge

Acton Bridge, Cheshire

The Acton Swing Bridge spans the River Weaver in the village of Acton Bridge in north Cheshire, England. First operated in 1933, it carries the A49 trunk road.

From the Acton Swing Bridge I decided to walk along the river to Dutton Locks, a distance of about 1.3 miles. According to Google it would take approximately 25 minutes. Of course that doesn’t allow for someone carrying a camera and prone to many stops to capture that essential shot. Or to listen to the birds singing. And there were a lot of birds singing.

After a very enjoyable stroll I reached the area of the locks.

Dutton Locks

A pair of locks, dating from around 1874. Built for the Weaver Navigation Co. The locks are large enough to take sea going ships and have semaphore signals to control entry.

Close to the locks is a sunken boat, the ‘Chica’. Apparently, in its prime, it used to be a hotel boat.

After a pleasant chat with a representative of the Canal and River Trust it was time to head back to my car and go to pick up the girls. As I hadn’t taken any water with me I was gagging for a drink. So I picked them up and we headed home for, in my opinion, a well earned cup of tea.

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