Driver Of Mercedes 9 DER – Dickhead

So there we are driving up the A3, on a beautiful sunny blue sky day. Traffic was light and I was enjoying the drive. We were approaching the exit for Wisley and I was getting ready to overtake the car ahead but was waiting for the vehicle approaching from behind. As he passed, I indicated… Continue reading Driver Of Mercedes 9 DER – Dickhead

Why was I humiliated by Waitrose self-scan check? | Money | The Guardian Oh diddums. CS of Eastbourne, Get over yourself. Did they parade you around the store ? Did they shine a spotlight on you and make all the other shoppers aware ? I think the real humiliation is that you are so sensitive that you felt the need to publish the episode.

Welcome To The World Isla Amelie

Yesterday, our 8th Great Grand-child Isla Amelie was born. She entered this world at 08:30, weighing in at 7.5 pounds. Photo above shows a really proud Great Grand-mum, with Isla taking all the adoration in her stride. Mum Hayley, and Dad Nick of course, are doing well, albeit a tad tired. By the time we… Continue reading Welcome To The World Isla Amelie