Orleans to Serandon

A new day and the weather is still dull but after the trials and tribulations of the previous day we were hoping for a better run down to Serandon. We made sure we had a good, albeit continental, breakfast before heading out onto the road. I also took time out to take some photos, of the Loire river in its swollen state.

At the time of the taking, the Loire in Orleans, did not look as near to bursting its banks as the Seine, in Paris did.

This time there were no deviations en route, just some minor confusion at a fuel stop, Manzat I believe, where, to get to the parking you had to cut across the access to the fuel station. Most places have the fuel after the retail and parking areas.

Further down the road, we stopped near Prondines, to take some photos as we were passing through the Puy de Dome region.

On arrival at the village of Serandon it was time to put to test the paper instructions for finding the gite. As it happens they weren’t bad, and very soon we were introducing ourselves to Florence, our host.
After a tour of her very nice, she explained where the nearest supermarkets are and gave us her recommendation for the restaurant in the village.
Having unloaded the car we headed to the Intermarche at nearby Neuvic to stock up on essentials. Not that we were planning to eat in but given it was late on Saturday we felt it was prudent to get in some supplies. Well, Beer and Wine at least.
For this evening we ate in the Hotel De La Poste (aka Chez Lisa), apparently owned by a Brit who is also the chef. The food was good and the place is obviously very popular, with a constant turnover at the tables. The associated bar was getting very loud as we left.
On arrival back at the gite we were soon tucked up in bed. Bliss, knowing that we could take our time getting up in the morning and that we wouldn’t have to drive anywhere.

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