Lunch Again

I’m sorry but it seems like my posts of late seem to be food based. Actually I’m not really that sorry as I like food, a lot. And, Australia is just full of fabulous food. Down here in WA there is an abundance of fabulous seafood, tender steaks and plenty of new “craft” beers to wash it all down. It helps that many of the fine eateries are located in nice, picturesque, touristy areas.

Today we headed down to the Ravenswood Hotel situated on the banks of the Murray River. We have been here on previous visits to Oz and it is nice to sit out by the river watching the boats and water birds. Since my last visit the outside eating area has been upgraded from grass to a more formal block paved terrace and they have put deterrents up overhead to try and keep the gulls away from the tables. Its a shame, but just as we arrived the weather became overcast and there was a bit of a breeze which at least kept the flies away.

On arrival the car park had seemed really full and we expected the hotel to be really busy. However, there were plenty of tables available both inside and out. We elected to sit outside so that we could enjoy the view.

Ravenswood Hotel – View From The Terrace

A rare event for us is that we all selected the same items from the menu. We all elected to go for the Scotch Fillet, two well done, one medium and I as always chose to go rare. In addition, we all requested the optional extra of Garlic Prawns.

Our meals were ready really quickly and proved to be well cooked. The chef(s) had prepared the steaks just right with only one minor gripe. The chips came ready salted which seems to be the norm everywhere we have been during the last week or so. One of our group is trying hard to cut down on their salt intake and this inclusion by default doesn’t help. It also seems an odd thing to do in these health-conscious days.

Ravenswood Hotel – Murray River Shoreline

Our meals were washed down with Orchard Crush Cider for the girls and One Fifty Lashes for the blokes. The draft version of One Fifty Lashes is very good but, unusual for me, I preferred the bottled version as it seems to be just a little bit more bitter and has a sharper edge. The girls went back later for some Matso’s Ginger Beer which came highly recommended by the barmaid. The drivers had “muggaccinos”, cappuccino served in mugs, although they still came on saucers. These second rounds were required to help wash down two large slices of Lemon Meringue pie and a large slice of Pecan Pie.

With lunch complete we headed off to Rockingham for a stroll along the prom and an ice cream. However the ice cream didn’t happen as the girls were feeling both a little full and a little chilly. The winds were blowing hard, a condition that the many kite surfers were taking full advantage of. We still managed the promenade which has many plaques set in the paving. Each plaque records the names of prominent people and the part that they played in the early history of Rockingham back in the 1890’s.

Rockingham Foreshore – Ships on the horizon, waiting to enter Fremantle

This pelican was just sailing along sedately …..

5J7A2017 (2)
Aluminium Can – Pelican

….. while further along the shore this power boat was fairly buzzing ….

5J7A2019 (2)
Power Boat – Rockingham, WA
5J7A2022 (2)
Power Boat Viewed From Rockingham – In The Background Road Bridge To Garden Island and HMAS Stirling (Naval Base)

Moored just off the beach at Rockingham is this vessel, Lissa Solklint.

5J7A2026 (2)
Power Boat Passing “Lissa, Solklint”

From the web this 1950’s built ship is variously listed as a cargo vessel and as a luxury “super yacht” ???

Rockingham Foreshore – Looking South-West…ish

Note: For those of you who have looked at the above photo, and questioned the direction of the shot, please look HERE for an answer to Jims question which echoed my own. For me, the position of the sun and the shadows was all wrong.

5J7A2029 (2)
Looking Towards Fremantle

The beaches were relatively empty. However I am reliably informed that, come the weekend, and later this month when the schools close for their summer break, Rockingham will be heaving.

5J7A2030 (2)
Tugs Assist A Cargo Ship Into The Quayside

So, a pleasant day with good food, followed by genteel exercise all tempered with a fresh sea breeze. Shame we didn’t get that ice cream but we have plenty of time yet.







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